In a crowded market filled with numerous home decor products, that usually end up looking great with less functionality or cost a fortune, Metalit stands out by elevating the functionality and quality.

We tap into the unexplored areas of home decor like FirepitS & Havan Kunds, and re-invent them to match your energy to your home.

The eye for design and exceptional; it's a blend of aesthetic value and practicality. The exceptional quality in appearance and performance distinguishes our product from the rest.

meet the founder

Our Founder - Roshni Garg

At the heart of Metalit stands a visionary founder, an alumna of NIFT Delhi with a passion for design, luxury and utility. With a master's degree from London, her journey exemplifies a fusion of global aesthetics and a deep-rooted love for Indian craftsmanship.

What makes her unique? Her firm belief is that beauty should be both skin-deep and practical. Fueled by India's changing luxury home decor landscape, she's on a mission to uplift the "Made in India" spirit. Every creation she designs reflects her commitment to quality, aiming to redefine how we experience elegance in our daily lives.

Metalit isn't just a brand; it's a glimpse into her artistic journey and her relentless pursuit to combine adventure, utility, and the essence of luxury.

guitar fire pit


Curved & Buffed Edges 

We make sure that comfort and safety are a high priority and so all the sharp edges are smoothened out by hand (unless required otherwise by design).

Every fire pit goes through a personal quality check before departing the manufacturing set-up.

Personalisation capacity 

To mark your special dates and the name of loved ones, we provide customisation for a date and name initials. You can opt for either one or both at the same time.

We can turn our fire pits into an auspicious havan Kund for the day of your marriage and you can choose to customise the design through our in-house designer.

*customisations are done at added cost

Top-notch quality 

We use high-quality mild steel and stainless steel for all the fire pits. They are coated with heat-resistant paint which further enhances the weather-friendly property of the fire pit.

Note that the paint is heat resistant and will start to change into a beautiful rustic nature with every season. To elongate the lifecycle, please cover the fire pit during rains and do not use flammable liquid or wet wood.

Multipurpose Year Round

Metalit fire pits are unique functional works of art and make for an eye-catching centrepiece for all your outdoor settings.

You can choose to Grill and BBQ fresh veggies and meat of your choice. From paneer tikka to marshmallows, it is always fun to roast a fresh batch in your own backyard.

If you are a pizza lover, you are in for a treat as making your own wood-fired pizza is the ultimate fun of having one’s own fireplace.When not using for the above, you can choose to cover the pit with top lid and convert most of our designs into a table/stool.

*Tip: if you fill-up the pits with ice, they also make for a very cool ice bucket for all summer parties.

Sustainable And Efficient Burn

We deeply care for the environment. Even though our product line is such which does not uplift the environment, we make sure to take measures and be as sustainable as we can be.                             

Some measures you can take to stay on this journey with us -Use coconut charcoal and coconut fire starters instead of paper/ oil/ or flammable waste material to keep the fire going.

Use camphor to enhance the heat. This will also release a beautiful aroma.

 If your surroundings provide wood cut especially for wood fire, secure that. These companies make sure to simultaneously grow trees and keep the balance.

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